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Nestbox Installation/Outstallation

Photography has been a major area for the execution of ideas since I completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Photography, at The University of Bristol, in 1973.

During the MA in Printmaking, which I completed in 2007, I found the plan of a local Mental Asylum, which was built in 1908.

I produced three digital portfolios. These were a response to areas of the hospital plans which resonated with ideas. Plans showing areas of the hospital like a Waiting Room, a Dormitory and a Passage, were accompanied by details of garden images, setting up a reconsideration of the ideas usually associated with both hospitals and gardens.

I have continued to make use of photographs in the context of Artist Books and in a video piece for the ‘Big Screen’ in Bradford. (April 2008)

I have begun to formulate new ideas for exhibition material using photography. The photographs on the web site represent these investigations. The bones series, night images and shadow sequence are examples of these. The darkness remains, perhaps a consideration of mortality or an observation of the fragility of life, but the colour, surface and light are defiantly the alternative subject matter.

The project Installation/Outstallation connects directly to a recent printmaking project. There is a body of work about an unused bird nestbox, which begins with printmaking and ends here in photography.

The Exhibition "Something Rich and Strange" made use of several series of photographs, some from 2012 and some from 2014.
In 2012 the flower installation at South Square Centre decayed in the garden there. It seemed that there should be a continuation of seeds. This is the origin of the "Rich and Strange" project.
I have a collection of death related photographs, one of these is shown here.
As a participant in Keith Arnatt's famous work "Liverpool Beach Burial, 1969" I thought I would refer to that and perform "Climbing out of the Grave in 2014." Pictures of that below.

 flowers of achievement     
 flowers dying 2012     
 Buried, red hat 1969 Keith Arnatt     
 Janet climbs out of grave