The narrative form of the book, with all its possibilities, is what interests me. I like the range of materials and ideas which can be incorporated into exciting and imaginative formats.
My books are mainly visual and the content deals with ideas about life, death and human values.
These ideas which are often challenging, are gently probed, often using an analogy found in nature. The thought processes before production are the most important, but I enjoy making because I always make the form of the book serve the idea in it. The form of the book is therefore very varied.
I print either digitally or by hand and all my books are hand stitched and bound.

I have lead a group called "Superstudio."
The group, which is made up of Lecturers and MA Alumni from Bradford College, can be found on We have engaged with Atelier Vis a Vis in Marseille, France and took part in several successful book fairs and events there.

I have also lead "Hard Copy" a collaboration with Prue Dixon, Caro Blount-Shah and Barbara Greene.

Collections I have books in The British Library, the Tate Library Archive, the Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections Library, books in Marseille at Atelier-vis-a-vis, the Artist Book Archive Milan, The University of Bilkent, Turkey and The University of Puget Sound, Tacoma USA, as well as many other private collections around the world.

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Six Dead Things

La Petite Mort

Looking for the Enemy


After Real




Intricate Image

Tokens of Her Slavery


Listening to Snow

_Peril _Cake


Box Assemblage

Sardines - a collaboration

Nest Box Construction Kit



The Rich and Strange Book

From Dead Stars

De La Terre

Borders 2

Take me back to (Post cards from the past)

Looking for the Enemy (again)

Reading Water

England Was Part of The Continent

The Landscape, The Palimpsest, The Archive.